Thinking of buying? Whether you’re an experienced buyer or it’s your first time buying, the Evergreen Team is here to assist you every step of the way. We’re a committed, knowledgeable and highly experienced team ready to guide you through your purchasing process.


Choosing a Realtor

Give the Evergreen Team a call! We pride ourselves on tailoring our services in a way that best suits your real estate needs. Get in touch and we’ll make your real estate dreams a reality.


Decision Making – Is Home Ownership Right For You?

You think you want to buy, or maybe you’re unsure? We’re here to help. The Evergreen Team will give you an in-depth consultation so you can make an informed decision. We’ll help you set goals and understand the process so you can decide if owning a home is right for you.



Feeling nervous? Having your finances in order is an important part of the purchasing process, but can also leave you feeling anxious and unsure. We have qualified professionals ready to calm your fears and walk you through each step.


Let’s Get Out There – The Search Is On

And the fun begins! Let’s get out there to see as many properties needed to find the one you’re looking for. We’ll guide you through your desired neighbourhoods and show you around the communities. Consider us your own personal real estate guides!


Making An Offer

Once we decide on the right offer, we’ll secure your home and protect your interests throughout the process. We’ll guide you through your offer, expertly negotiating as we move closer toward your home ownership goals.


Subject Removal

The Evergreen Team will solidify your deal and ensure conditions are met. We work quickly and efficiently to confirm the property is up to your standards in as little time as possible to get your deal done.


Preparing for Move-In Day

We’ll provide you with a handy, comprehensive check list and help guide you through it step-by-step so you’re fully prepared for move in day.


Congratulations! You’re a Home Owner

This doesn’t mean we’ll leave! We’re here long term to offer advice and guidance and will provide you with a list of trusted service providers to help you with all your needs as a new home owner.

Request a Buyer’s Package!

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