Giving back, during the holidays or anytime can make a huge difference in all of our lives.


Christmas is a time for giving; it’s a wonderful, feel -good season for all of us to bring joy to others through the gifts of time, acts of kindness and yes -presents. It’s hard to think of anyone, let alone children, going without food, clothing or Christmas gifts during the holidays, and the media and community groups shine the spotlight on important causes around this time each year in an effort to help those in need.

Whether you’re new to your community, or you’ve been there for years, there’s always new and profoundly impactful ways to give back now, during the holidays, or at any time during the year. If you’re a newcomer, and aren’t sure where to begin, start by searching online for local resource centers, food banks and other community support services. Check with neighbors in your community, or call your favourite realtors, Scott &Konrad – they’re always happy to help, and have lists of resources in your area. If you’ve been around awhile and have some items, money or time to donate, this will give you a chance to connect with your local community in a way you might not have before.

Speaking of Scott & Konrad – I’ll take a moment to commend them on their amazing participation within the community. Yes, they’re my friends, but they’re also my realtors, and I expect a lot from them as both, and they deliver. As active members of the Share, Caring Neighbours Program, Scott and Konrad sponsor a family in need each Christmas season by providing food, presents and much more. This year is a particularly special one, as the family they are sponsoring has very little other than a roof over their heads, and Scott & Konrad have reached out to friends and family and have already, within a week, received hundreds of dollars’ worth of donations.  There’s still time to help a family in need this Christmas if you’re able and willing, through the Caring Neighbours Program, so if you’re interested, visit their website at to find out about the many programs offered there.

When it comes to donating, there are many different opportunities. Money, food to the food bank, clothing to donation centers or to your local thrift stores, or (and not to be underestimated), your time. Offering your help in these ways or at shelters or other community events is an amazing way to give back and to reap the personal rewards that go with it. Becoming a positive role model for children and adolescents by teaching the power of service and giving is a beautiful gift in and of itself – for both you and them alike.

The personal rewards you’ll experience from helping others in your community are enormous. Strong communities are built upon strong relationships and interconnectedness. A sense of community is a mutual relationship that flows both ways and can be incredibly rewarding for everyone involved. Getting involved locally with other families is a great way to make new friendships, feel connected, and ultimately to help those who need a bit of help during a hard time, and maybe some good conversation. So get out there, give back, and enjoy the holidays in more ways than you can imagine.

For more information or a list of resources in your area, contact Scott Bancroft or Konrad Jacob.